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aka Shaggy

Youtube:   EchoingSammich

Currently Playing:  Dragon's Dogma

Favorite Zelda Game:  Adventures of Link

Favorite Movie:  The Seventh Seal

Favorite TV Show:  Game of Thrones

Favorite Book: East of Eden - John Steinbeck



The Acerbic One. To call his wit "dry" would be like calling the Sahara "dry". Nick can be cutting and sarcastic, but doesn't really have an ounce of malice in him. One of the original drivers behind Hyrule Hustlers, he's been with the team for all four years, and is the go-to Zelda 2 player... because, unlike most of the team, he's actually good at it. 




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aka Skaan, double aka Fisto Roboto

Youtube:  skannon

Currently Playing: Skyward Sword

Favorite Zelda Game: Ocarina of Time

Favorite Movie: Longshot

Favorite TV Show: Dollhouse

Favourite Book Series: The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher



The Voice. There's just something about his voice. Justin's been with Hyrule Hustlers since the beginning... in fact, he was one of the brains behind the the team's creation. He's acerbic, though not as much as Nick, and a bit of a ham, though less-so than Zacc, but what really stands out is his voice. Justin is a born narrator. He reads all the dialogue, giving a unique voice to each character, and has even been known to sing during boss battles. Add to that the fact that he's a solid gamer and the sole understudy for Zelda 2 (he's damn good at it in his own right), and you can be sure that he's integral to the team's success. 




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aka 80's Guy

Youtube:   cojo722

Twitter:  @chrissardinha

Currently Playing:  Pokemon Omega Ruby

Favorite Zelda Game:  Ocarina of Time

Favorite Movie:  500 Days of Summer

Favorite TV Show:  The West Wing


The Mastermind. Let's be realistic, here; Hyrule Hustlers is Chris' baby. Every year since the first, as soon as the marathon ends, he'll immediately launch a post-mortem of the the event and start planning for the next Hyrule Hustlers. Chris has sunk untold sums of his money into audio, video, and streaming gear, because he genuinely loves the event, and earnestly believes in Childs Play Charity.



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aka PartialBiscuit


Currently Playing:  Something on Steam

Favorite Zelda Game:  Wind Waker

Favorite Movie:  Goodfellas

Favorite TV Show:  Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia


The Actor. Zacc was into drama in high school. I don't mean that he went around spreading rumours and causing fights. I mean, he was an actor. You can see it in him to this day, from his booming laugh, to his expressive gesticulations, to the way he can animate a conversation with just about anyone. Zacc brings an undeniable energy to Hyrule Hustlers, even at 3 in the morning when everyone else is either asleep or teetering on the brink of consciousness. He's downright fun to watch, which probably accounts for his being a crowd favourite year after year. 



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aka David

Twitter:  @DaveLaferriere 

Currently Playing: Crusader Kings II

Favorite Zelda Game:  A Link to the Past

Favorite Movie: Chinatown

Favorite TV Show: Mr. Robot

Favorite Book: V. - Thomas Pynchon



The Fixer. In the lead-up to each year's incarnation of Hyrule Hustlers, Dave tends to be one of the guys working behind the scenes (for instance, he's written these player blurbs). He'll work on the lighting, film and edit the trailer videos, etc. But when the marathon rolls around, you can be sure he'll take his turn behind the controller. In addition to playing a chunk of Majora's Mask and being a standby to tag in for other players in need of a break, he's the designated player for A Link to the Past... Dave attacks the game in a blitzkrieg and gives no quarter. He's also a super awesome cool dude (at least, that's what his mom tells him). 



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aka Soupcan, double aka Magic Mike

Twitter:  @jmsuekam
Currently Playing:  Fallout 4
Favorite Zelda Game:  Link's Awakening

Favorite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back

Favorite TV Show: Arrested Development

Favorite Book: JPod - Douglas Coupland 


The Analytical One. You'd be forgiven for thinking Mike was a Boy Scout when he was younger; he's the living embodiment of the motto "Be Prepared". Maybe it comes from his being an engineer. Whatever the reason, few people will commit to something the way Mike does. Whether it's something as important as his 2015gaming goal of beating 52 different video games in one year, or something as inconsequential as filing his taxes, Mike likes to take a methodical approach to things. When practicing for Hyrule Hustlers, Mike will spend hours grinding through palaces in Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess, leaving no stone unturned, no chest unoped, no pot unsmashed. He's nothing if not thorough.


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aka Tractor Girl, double aka Zelda Queen

Currently Playing:  Bounce Ball

Favorite Zelda Game:  Twilight Princess

Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park

Favorite TV Show: Friends

Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - J.K. Rowling

The Beer Baroness. Laura, like Zacc, is a fan favourite. She's engaging and entertaining, and seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of Disney songs. After missing Hyrule Hustlers 2, she made a triumphant return in 2014 for HH3, where she made a good case to be team MVP, as she supplied the team with beer, from the Ottawa Region's own awesome Beau's Brewery. All of that, in combination with the fact that she can play Zelda games like nobody's business, makes her indispensable.



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aka Señor Sombrero

Currently Playing:  Eve Online

Favorite Zelda Game: Link to the Past

Favorite Movie: Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Favorite TV Show: Supernatural

Favorite Book: The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien


The Master Chef. He cooks. Like, really well. Which makes sense, considering he's worked as a chef. Our Hyrule Warriors player is the man who prevents the rest of the team from subsisting on Cheetos and Mountain Dew for the entirety of the marathon. He also puts on a hell of a show when he breaks out his trademark interpretive dancing. For Hyrule Hustlers 3, his dance was a rousing, deeply emotional number set to Ennio Morricone's The Ecstacy of Gold. What will he do this year? You'll have to tune in to see.



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aka Cukes

Twitter:  @mcmumber 

Currently Playing:  The Witcher

Favorite Zelda Game: Ocarina of Time

Favorite Movie: The Watchmen

Favorite TV Show: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


The Uncomfortably Energetic One. Never one to take something lightly, when Darryl was asked to join Hyrule Hustlers in year 3, he jumped at the opportunity. Taking over the dreaded early morning shift each day that year, Darryl brought energy to the broadcast when no one else could. Darryl never accepts the mundane and always strives to make even ordinary things awesome (like his patented Super Juice).






aka Delphi

Twitter:  @GeekDelphi

Currently Playing:  Dead Souls 

Favorite Zelda Game: Oracle of Ages

Favorite Movie: The Mummy

Favorite TV Show: M*A*S*H*


The Artist (but not that weird French silent film). Much like her nicknamesake (... is that a word?), the Oracle of Delphi, Nikki's arrival on the Hyrule Hustlers scene brought the promise of bigger and better things. She joined the team as a prize donor at first, but her steadfast presence in the chat made quickly made her a fan favourite. After a few years of telecommuting in to the marathon, she finally joins us in person.